Years around the Sea
G$W sea run cutty
Pat’s Creek

Two Dogs
Tierra del Nuebla
41″ AK Wild Steelhead on Sage XP 6wt, Cortland Sterling reel & line

Unalaska Paintbrush
Rainbow Run Pick Pocket

Salty Cutty

Going the distance
Rainbow Trout FishPrint

Scupper says “Thanks for looking”!

Fish Prints

Chrome Steelhead


Sockeye Gradient
Dog Salmon Camo
Dog Operculum
Rainbow Trout
Coastal Cutthroat Trout
True Cod
Pile Perch
Dolly Varden
Sea Trout
Neon Goby
Dolly Varden
Leopard Rainbow Trout
Brook Trout
Mountain Whitefish
Lake Trout


Canary Rockfish

Red Tiger Rockfish