Jeffrey Feczko / Keeper of To The Gills.

Full time, year round Baja fishing guide Рdedicated as it gets. USCG 100T Master Captain, Divemaster, Chef,  award winning fly designer for Rio products / Farbank and eternal student of the sea. Fished, guided and dived worldwide. Absolutely loves Roosterfish and whatever tries to swim by.

I caught myself!

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  1. My brother, the site is lookin good! I missed your early departure here, altho we will always enjoy the good memories together and new to come. Times that i would not switch for anything, cant wait to be blessed with yo presence! Until then yo, always remember swang-em-n-stang-em!!! Peace and love

  2. Met you on the water. Under the bridge at Salmon Creek. Must be a million Salmon Creeks, but you know which one it was. Like your site.

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