Who the sh*t is Kingsley Zissou?

It’d been a few years of heartbreak chasing the estuary King with the long rod. I remember thinking while riding my bike in waders 6 miles to the river in the pouring rain, that my efforts might have some weird, karmic reward. I casted a thousand times before I realized what the fish would do with the changing tide – then it clicked and I hooked up to slack on 6 fish. I was even more sick than when I started so I returned to get even, finally landing my first 2 kings in the salt with my little meaty fly. I almost threw the first one back in question of its size when a new friend said “You caught that fish fair & square on the swing, that’s your fish brother” He then held out a 5$ bill and said, “This 5$ bill is 6 inches long, do you think there is 6 5$ bills on this fish?” I replied with a swift and respectful net handle to the predator head and found myself kneeling in pool of blood, thinking about dinner.


_MG_1438  _MG_1701
That next day, same tide I guided a new fly fisherman and said “You see those fish over there? The second that tide switches they’ll come right behind the rock” Like clockwork it happened and a guy who had fly fished once in his life, caught 2 King Salmon. He said to me “Why aren’t you fishing?” I replied “Well, cuz I’m guiding you” -He told me to pick up the rod, which so happened to be a piece of junk 8 wt shop rod and on my first swing, picked up a 35# 14″ tall slab of gunmetal chinook – then after nearly 40 minutes of fear ended with my client netting it.


It’s been good. My wetsuit is always wet, trying to dry on the front porch – along with abalone shells, scallops and various other unlucky creatures. I feel rich that I can ride my bike to a suspect rock, dive in and on a single breath grab an octopus for dinner. Quarter pound scallops are a nice addition along side a slab of fresh King salmon, maybe ill wrap it in tentacles and bacon for good measure.


I'll take that.
I’ll take that.







I feel as if I should bring you up to speed here, in regards to the change of status. I left my cozy space way out in the woods and traded it in for a spot in town, where I can mix it up with humans, regularly spend 5$ at coffee shops and also make a fool of myself at yoga classes. The towns folk are generally unsure of you when you care to introduce yourself to their animals first. The whole truth is that I’m now guiding for Sitka Alaska Outfitters and we are on it. Also my fly tying business has taken off to the point being almost overwhelming (orders still welcome!) I still howl at the moon, breathe underwater and will destroy your cookie jar. I’m also still operating through various borrowed or public computers because I feel as if my money is better invested in toys, fruit and travel.

Sometimes you eat the bug…

Sometimes the bug eats you. I try not to take bad days personally anymore, to me it usually means better are in store. Nothing gets your brain working like a few brutal days of skunk, standing in freezing water, getting hailed on, thunder and lightning – it’s all worth it then, but even moreso when you connect. imageimage


Come fish with us! Sitka Alaska Outfitters

Fish Market?

Well, new sh*t has come to light and all of the sudden these flies are tying themselves (like Fantasia). You name a destination and species and I’ll whoop you a dozen. All flies are tied on heavy gauge hooks secured by mono and soft epoxy from the spine to the gills. Although I do make orders specific to your target – they will make a fine dish anywhere. Thanks for the huge support on my first month, that was fun!

To The Gills  Achievers.
To The Gills Achievers.


I first learned of Kiribati and its 33 atolls 7 years ago and have since dreamed about wading in its seemingly eternal knee deep crystal clear waters over white sand and coral, stalking its host of incredibly odd & strong swimmers. Finally this fall it made sense to make the dive and experience time travel with my friends of Frigate Travel in Kiritimas – 1200 miles south of Hawaii, just below the equator. Unlike my usual sporadic wake and escape travel I found myself with just over 2.5 months to prepare. I loaded up with multiple weights of rods, fly lines, fluorocarbon and tied almost 200 flies hoping they’d produce.

It’s hard walking with a boner.


Upon arrival I met some fishy people, even some who I unknowingly lived right down the road from. It was was like a pack of hyenas under the thatch, tough to break away from. I drank a few beers, decimated a basket of fried breadfruit and then escaped to ready gear for my 4:30 am wake up. My main fish goal for the trip was to catch Triggerfish (and I failed, hard) which are finicky escape artists and to put it bluntly – A pain in the ass. My first day I fished with Danny Frank of Delta Trout Force, pretty sure he’s my long lost brother. Our first shots on the flats were at triggers, both of us fed them but couldn’t keep them glued. We managed a few small Trevally & Bonefish but the clouds made it a tough day for sighting fish.

Danny Frank of Delta Trout Force/Fishpond keepin’ it wet!


CXI Bonefish. by Danny Frank

Our second day we fished Korean Wreck and the visibility was poor paired with 25-30k winds always at your casting arm. Danny worked the edge of the reef stalking GT’s while I stayed around 100 feet from shore, working a clock pattern blindly for whatever would eat. Between clouds I shot & produced some nice bones but had more fun gambling. I finished the day out double fisting new species, Darts, Queenfish, Snapper, Grouper, Trevally and weird aquarium fish that I identified by color. “Well, I got 3 of those black and white heavily scented polka dot day glo’s back there”.

Explosive! by Danny Frank
Explosive! by Danny Frank


I say strike a pose, he does the Zissou.
Outrigger sunset.

Fished with Pete Sliwkowski of Fish Chappy/ Larry’s Tackle. Hilarious and super good guy not to mention an excellent fisherman. Just before the boat picked us up he lit up a big GT to the point where he had no line to work with. He stayed with it and kept the fish lit like a boss breaking out the classic Musky figure 8 trick – if he didn’t foul up on a straying fly line that fish would have eaten – Didn’t matter anyhow cuz he stuck a better one about 5 minutes later. I think he landed something like 8 sizeable GT in 2 weeks, jerk.

Slick loves GT
Slick loves GT


No caption.

There were so many times I wanted to photograph my surroundings but couldn’t get out of stalk mode. In a matter of seconds all hell can break loose with the speed of the fish inhabiting the flats and the last thing I wanted was to be caught holding my camera while a GT crashes by. My collection of images reflects that I am merely a fisherman who owns a camera and I’m totally comfortable with that. There are so many wildly unique places with only miles separating them on the island that you could explore new, different territory for months maybe longer.

Mini GT.

My first guided day I was blessed to fish with a man named Tyrone, who has over 30 years of experience guiding the flats and gets more excited than you when you catch fish. We fished Y flat and immediately started catching bones hand over fist. Whenever I’d make a shot Tyrone would say “Gewwwwwd caaasst!” and it would light me up. As we approached a raised coral shelf  in comes 2 Giant Trevally – Without hesitation I dropped low, peeled line, waited, shot and as soon as the fly hit the water this GT ate and ran for the hills. Wooohooo! GT!

Awe day.
Dream flats.
T-Bone & I bustin ghosts. by Danny Frank

Right at the end of my last day we approached the shelf of the flat and I spotted the shadow of this mega bone cruising at about 40 feet out. I put the fly 6 feet ahead and a foot past (Gewwwwd caassst!) – and as the fly sank the fish smashed it. In seconds I was into backing then he turned at warp speed coming right at me. I sucked up almost 200 feet of line as fast as humanly possible and then the fish changed directions again. Keep in mind, Bonefish are one of the fastest fish in shallow water – swimming at speeds of 35mph or 50 feet per second. I tried to crank to a locked up reel and realized that my running line had delaminated and made several unthinkable wraps around the outside of my spool. I yelled “We’ve got problems, We’ve got big f’n problems” and in seconds Danny was there popping my spool off and freeing me up enough line in case the fish had any runs left in him. Luckily, the fish was tired and I led him to my hand. Teamwork was the game all week long.

Paris Pancake.
Bluefin Trevally.

I pulled this electric Bluefin from a frenzied pack of other trevally and one lonely, pissed off triggerfish. The trevally’s dorsal looked like a dogs tail wagging above the surface – So of course I shot at it.

In the beginning of the week we went offshore, about 300 yards from shore to be exact, rolling in 8-14′ swell. We caught a variety of Red Bass, Coral Trout, Sweet Lips, Giant Trevally and other weird fish I have no clue how to identify.


Justin Crump & Coral Trout
Justin Crump & Coral Trout
Black Giant Trevally


Sweet Lips AKA Spangled Emperor
Sweet Lips AKA Spangled Emperor

I stuck this beautiful Yellowfin Tuna and 2 other smaller ones (Thanks Crump!). We ate sashimi & steaks every night and shared it with everyone.imageThis fish was the most beautiful creature I’ve ever caught, paired with spiny lobster and traditionally roasted pig was one of my most memorable dinners. With the fishing coming to an end I’m overjoyed to say – All of the flies I tied produced and they were the only ones I used. The Ikari house was excellent and I’d definitely go back, but for longer.

Mmmhmm. Every night.
Ray carving pig
Ray carving pig

The morning that I was supposed to fly home, rumor circulated that the plane was an hour late. No big deal I thought, I planned appropriately for any disturbances. An hour later the plane was not coming and had passed over us – the best part about it was this information had came from a traveler with a sat phone. The Cassidy airport has holes in the floor, no computers, no phones, checks your bags in the dark and is about the size of a container van. We headed back to the lodge and I went snorkeling, saw some humuhumunukunukuapua’s the state fish of Hawaii. Upon return to the house, the crew had become rowdy, demolishing bottles of whiskey and anything with alcohol content. We loaded up in the van to head back to the airport, the tires blew out and then we loaded in another truck which contained a cooler of beer, we were happy. Returning to the airport, the employees seemed to have totally forgotten what had happened to us earlier and I honestly thought I wasn’t going to board – there are worse places to be stuck. So after much commotion, I found myself heading towards Fiji in the back of the plane with the stewards. Unlimited snacks and beer, swagger you must respect. Hustle 2015.


Get Cheeky.

After being nearly marooned on Kiritimati, I found myself a day later in Fiji sitting in the Tabua club awaiting my flight home to the USA. As I gulped a beer and checked my email I found a message from Cheeky Fly Fishing saying that they had chosen my photo (also featured in Fish Alaska magazine 12/14) to use as a backdrop for their booth at multiple trade shows across the states. Considering the amount of weirdness that just occurred I was completely taken aback. So if any of you are hitting up Fly Fishing Shows in Denver, Marlborough, Somerset or at ICAST in Orlando, swing by the Cheeky Fly Fishing booth and meet the boys, peep the gear and don’t miss the backdrop that’s 12′ wide. What another awesome surprise for 2015! TOTHEGILLS!!!

Cheeky Fly Fishing 2015
Cheeky Fly Fishing 2015