You ever get your ass kicked by a fish?


I casted and just after the mend was distracted by a sharp pain in my thumb. I looked down to a devils club splinter then all of the sudden this dark beast was doing backflips on the surface, fly in mouth. I was standing on an ultra slick waterfall and had just removed the cleats from my boots. Once I got near safety I started beating the fish and its tail was almost in hand. He dodged and bolted downstream “NO!NO!NO!” I chased him about 1/4 mile through boulders and fast water when to the point where it was too dangerous to continue. The King was into backing and I thought for sure it was gone. I tested the limits of my Echo SR 6 wt switch, nestling the cork in my hip, top eye bent near the butt – waiting for a loud crack. After a few minutes I grabbed that bastards tail.

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