Sometimes you eat the bug…

Sometimes the bug eats you. I try not to take bad days personally anymore, to me it usually means better are in store. Nothing gets your brain working like a few brutal days of skunk, standing in freezing water, getting hailed on, thunder and lightning – it’s all worth it then, but even moreso when you connect. imageimage


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  1. Nice king Jeff, one for the barbecue! Nice steelie too.

  2. Thanks Les! We limited out on Kings in 30 mins, best Easter Sunday ever. Right after that we went out and stuck our limit of Halibut 60-80#, few big rockfish in there too. It only took me 4 beers to process it all! The steelheading has been phenomenal, I got 5 the other day – personal record! We’re definitely on em’ and think the good fishing should continue til at least mid may. It’s been such a mild winter, I’m just hoping the Humpies don’t show up early! Take care man and thanks for always stopping by!

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